• Product Info

    A series of 9 marketing-, sales-, and copy-focused masterclasses led by me & my brilliant co-teachers (the wisest women I know in this space). 

    Join us as we take a hyper-focused look at all of the facets of selling our services, products, and offers online.

    Each class is… 

    🧠 short (60 minutes) — because we know attention spans aren’t what they used to be

    🧠 immediately actionable — we’re skipping all of the “I can find that info on IG” b.s. and giving you the information, tools, and resources to start applying what you learned ASAP

    🧠 affordable & accessible — mastering sales & marketing shouldn’t cost your entire life’s savings—the Summer Selling Series makes it easy & affordable to learn what you need & skip the rest

    And—you’ll leave with a TANGIBLE resource or template from every.single.class. Meaning not only are you getting the education you need, but you’re also being handed an immediate way to put it into action.


    • CLASS 1 (BRAND STORY): Discover what makes your consumers fall in love with your brand & come back for more
    • CLASS 2 (WEB OPTIMIZATION): Craft intentional web design & copy for unparalleled UX & higher conversions
    • CLASS 3 (CLIENT EXPERIENCE): Build a strategic experience that maximizes client retention & improves reviews
    • CLASS 4 (GOING PASSIVE): How to create & sell irresistible passive products that stand out from the crowd
    • CLASS 5 (SALES PAGES): Write high-converting sales copy that excites & persuades today's consumers
    • CLASS 6 (EMAILS THAT SELL): How to plan & write a sales sequence that delights, excites, and converts
    • CLASS 7 (SELLING ON SOCIAL): The ins & outs of how to show up & sell on IG & TT
    • CLASS 8 (BREAKING TRENDS): Disrupt the norm & find your unique sales strategy that works for you
    • CLASS 9 (ICONIC BRANDS): Steal a strategy or two from today's top-selling household brands



    • Tristan Thibodeau, Brand Strategist
    • Kierra Anderson, Brand Designer
    • Natasha Zoryk, Sales Expert
    • Jera Foster-Fell, Social Media Expert
    • Kate Terentieva, Creative Director


    "I have invested in so many different books, courses, guides, etc throughout the years and Summer Selling Series is seriously A STEAL of a DEAL! WAYYY more knowledge packed in than many of the expensive courses I have purchased. It is amazing to get so many different lessons/perspectives from such badass female entrepreneurs from different industries. Plus I can tell EACH person in the SSS actually cares about YOU and not just about making money." — Chantelle, Designer

    "I wanted to be around other business owners and creators who want to do more in their business. I wanted to be in the room with educators and leaders who I admire and who don't gatekeep the actions they're taking. I wanted to learn from an educator who believes in actionable teaching that creates momentum and change. I definitely got it. I left every session with ideas and inspiration and actions to take which is exactly what I wanted! The sessions were also focused enough that they were never overwhelming while still being packed with value." — Lauren, Photographer