Customizable Sales Sequence For Live Launches

Customizable Sales Sequence For Live Launches

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Live launching something? Congrats! Now it’s time to make sure you sell more than you ever expected. 

This 10-part email sequence uses the same techniques, strategies, and flow that’s helped make my clients more than $3 million (cumulatively) over the past 2 years. It’s rooted in sales psychology and proven copywriting techniques—not just whatever sounds good—so you can feel confident pressing send.

It’s 90% of the way done for you and just waiting for you to add in your custom details. 

Note: This sequence was created with the assumption that you’re starting with a lead gen or free resource (like a guide or workshop). If you’re not, you will have to retool email #1 just a bit.

What’s Inside Your Resource:

  1. 10 customizable emails in a strategic order + flow (the heavy lifting is already done)
  2. 3 subject line options for each email
  3. Timing suggestions for each email
  4. 3 brand voices to choose from so you sound like you (not everyone else)

You Need This If: 

  • You are getting ready for a launch + want to get the details out to your list
  • You want to start using email to sell but aren’t entirely sure where to start
  • You want an easy-to-use sequence that’s un-f*ck-up-able
  • You have a list you want to sell to, but need a little help with what to say