Customizable Sales Sequence For Live Launches

Customizable Sales Sequence For Live Launches

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Maximize the potency of your live launch with a persuasive and irresistible sales sequence that will have your people knocking down your door.  

Picture this: You’ve just created the course, mastermind, product, or program of your wildest dreams. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and let’s be honest—sanity into making sure it’s perfect. Not to mention the amount of money you’ve dedicated to design, contractors, software, and so much more.

Now it’s time to launch the damn thing. 

You know a successful launch depends on more than the right social media strategy and a product worth buying. It takes comprehensive marketing and sales. It takes email.

But instead of winging it and hoping your emails make sense and sound good, you’ve decided to check out a template made by the pros. Because why bet on yourself when you can bet on someone who’s proven their chops?

This 10-part sequence has been tried and tested on hundreds of launches and has yet to let us down. It’s laced with strategy and rooted in intention. And lacks all of the slimy, icky tactics you see getting thrown around by certain IG gurus.

Instead, you can simply tell your story, showcase your expertise, and let the emails do the selling. Live launching is hard enough, don’t let sh*tty emails be the reason you flop.

Here’s why this works/how it will help:

  • The strategy is 100% done for you and has been tested and proven effective hundreds of times
  • You can focus your time, energy, and efforts on the portions of your launch that bring you joy and excitement (not dread)
  • Each email leans on ethical sales techniques and storytelling—a powerful, unbeatable combo

You need this if you …

  • Want your launch to work, period
  • Are getting ready for a launch + want to get the details out to your list
  • Want to start using email to sell but aren’t entirely sure where to start
  • Want an easy-to-use sequence that’s un-f*ck-up-able
  • Have a list you want to sell to, but need a little help with what to say

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 10 customizable emails in a strategic order + flow (the heavy lifting is already done)
  2. 3 subject line options for each email
  3. Timing suggestions for each email
  4. 3 brand voices to choose from so you sound like you (not everyone else)