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    Let’s Cut Through The Sh*t & Dive Right In

    This 3-month-long, email-based subscription is for anyone (and everyone) who…

    • Wants to consistently show up on socials & to their email list but is burnt out of ideas, short on time, or TBH, just not in the mood to start from scratch
    • Desires to learn more about sales & consumer psychology but has no idea where to start and isn’t interested in dropping thousands on mentorship or masterminds
    • Doesn’t want to learn another platform & loves the idea of just opening an email
    • Loves actionable, easy-to-implement prompts & ideas
    • Wants to learn and improve but in a low-pressure way

    Each Month, For 3 Months, You’re Getting…
    • Social media content prompts for IG & Threads (with examples)
    • Email content ideas & prompts (with strategy explanations)
    • Copywriting tips, tricks, and resources (but not the generic kind you find on IG)
    • Business & sales advice and action steps to take to increase connections, community, and conversions 

    Straight to your inbox. 

    Each Email Is…
    • Digestible — read in 5 minutes or less
    • Straight to the point — no extra fluff or storytelling, literally just the goods
    • Actionable — you’ll have steps to take for everything & can implement ASAP (or spread out over the month)
    • Educational — you’re not just getting the what, you’re getting the why (I want you to feel like you’re LEARNING as you read & apply)

    OK, So Why This Subscription?

    I’ve been writing web and sales copy (and teaching others about it) for 6+ years, and here’s what I’ve found to be true: Even when you make something accessible and affordable, there are still people who can’t make it work.

    However, those people still deserve access to that info — because it’s potentially life changing.

    I’m not being dramatic. One action step or email prompt could be the thing standing between someone closing down their business due to low (or no) revenue OR someone generating the income needed to keep going.

    This low-cost subscription is my best effort at filling that gap.

    PS: I sent a sample email to my list, and here’s what people said:


    “Yes yes and yes! Sign me up.”

    “Kaili!!! You are dropping gems ALWAYS (here, IG, Threads). Love the idea of a monthly membership, especially since this sample email already got me spinning my wheels!!! You’re incredible and soooo knowledgeable. Will forever enjoy learning from you!”

    “This is such a great idea! I love it!” 

    “yes yes I'd like a membership like this plz and thank ya!”

    (You didn’t think I’d sell you something I didn’t TEST first, did you?!)

    Why Should YOU Join?

    If you’re someone who loves taking ideas and building off of them, this subscription will help you do exactly that. You’ll have the foundation for countless “moves” every month, and the leeway to customize each one to your business and brand.

    If you’re someone who likes learning from others but isn’t super interested in joining a mastermind or group program, this subscription is like a cutie copy & sales coach in your ear, once a month, and then leaving you tf alone. 

    TBH — the info I’m giving out is usually reserved for programs that cost thousands of dollars. This isn’t generic sh*t you’ll find on your IG feed for free. This is the stuff I text my business besties & they’re like, “WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU?” 

    What Are The Logistics?
    • One email per month for 3 months
    • $97 total 

    Important FAQs:

    Q: When will the emails be delivered?
    A: The 5th of each month!

    Q: Will this info be available outside of email?
    A: Yes! You will have access to a Google Drive Folder where all of the content lives.

    Q: Is this targeted toward beginners or more established business owners?
    A: TBH, any & all. I promise, regardless of where you’re at in business, you will find these emails helpful.

    Q: Can I take your prompts and ideas and sell them?
    A: No, that’s an illegal use of your limited license & I will unfortunately pursue legal recourse (don’t be that guy).