About Page Web Copy Guide and Templates

About Page Web Copy Guide and Templates

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If writing website copy about yourself makes you cringe, toss your laptop out the window, or completely shut down and end up staring at your blank screen for hours at a time, you’re not alone.

Tons of people find that writing their about page is the toughest part of creating web copy. Why? Because they either don’t know what to say, aren’t sure how to say it, or simply feel uncomfortable “bragging” about themselves.

Traditionally, you’re left with one other option (if DIY isn’t your thing)—hire a professional copywriter. And though copywriters are probably your best bet—if one aligns with your budget and timeline—it’s time for a third (much better) option.

This guide with complementary workbook and templates is like fusing the strategy of a professional copywriter with the ease and accessibility of DIY. You’re able to write your about page web copy from the comfort of your own home BUT with the solid foundation of a copywriter’s formatting, flow, and strategy.

Not only do you get a comprehensive about page web copy guide that walks you through the ins and outs of web copy, shares professional tips & tricks, offers tons of prompts and places to start, and covers the “must-do”/”must-avoid” aspects of writing copy, you ALSO get access to 3 customizable fill-in-the-blank templates that map out the perfect flow while guiding you through what to write.

Whether you’re writing your about page for the first time, cleaning up old copy, or going through a rebrand, this resource will save you hours of time, energy, research, and effort while also guaranteeing your copy is rooted in proven copywriting principles and converts visitors into clients or customers.

What’s Inside Your Resource:

  1. 3 fully customizable about page templates (creative service provider, product-based business, studio and agency)
  2. Comprehensive about page web copy guide with tips, tricks, prompts, CTA options, and tons more
  3. Simple workbook for getting your ideas on paper and mapping out what you want to say

You Need This If: 

  • You’re building out your website copy and aren’t in the place to hire a professional copywriter for your about page
  • You’re rebranding and want about page copy that attracts and entices while telling your authentic story
  • You’ve tried writing your own copy and just can’t seem to get it right

**DESIGNERS! If your clients often come to you without web copy and you want to offer them another option besides hiring a copywriter, please reach out! I’d be happy to get you an affiliate link for this product.