• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who wants to nurture and love on their subscribers the second they hit "subscribe," while enticing them to keep coming back for more.

    What it is:
     A 4-part, customizable welcome sequence crafted specifically for coaches and service providers looking to optimize their email list.

    Email is one of the most powerful tools in your business arsenal. But if you don’t give people a reason to stick around, your emails can’t do their job. 

    That’s where a welcome sequence comes in. This 4-part, customizable welcome sequence allows you to easily nurture and engage with subscribers when they first get on your list and keep people from hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button. Your new subscribers will know what to expect from you right off the bat and how you can help them. Plus, it’s the perfect way to lead into your sales sequence when you ARE ready to sell. 

    This specific sequence was created with coaches and service providers in mind. It’s also 100% customizable and offers multiple brand voice options—so you don’t end up sounding like anyone else.

    What’s Inside Your Resource:

    1. 4 fully customizable email templates
    2. 3 subject line options for each email
    3. My best tips and considerations for each email

    You Need This If: 

    • You are building, or plan to build, an email list
    • You’ve noticed your subscriber count dropping
    • You don’t currently send new subscribers anything other than a thank you