• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who is running a Black Friday or holiday sale and doesn't have the time or energy to write their sales emails from scratch (but really wants to utilize their list).

    What it is:
     A 5-part, strategic email sequence that promotes your sale (yes, it's infused with sales psychology & tons of opportunities to customize).

    Picture this:
     It's almost the end of the year, and you decide to run a Black Friday or holiday sale. You strategically choose the logistics (time, discount, products) and get excited about this end-of-the-year cash infusion.

    Then it hits you — you don't have a plan for promoting the sale, and TBH, with your schedule packed to the brim, you're not sure how you'll get all of the promotional content created in time.

    Instead of going into full panic mode, you snag this template and spend 30 minutes or less customizing the copy.

    You pop it all into your email platform, schedule, and pour yourself something bubbly — because not only are you about to make some nice cash, but you just saved yourself hours of time (and thousands of dollars on a copywriter).

     You need this if you …

    • Are planning to run a Black Friday or holiday sale
    • Sell passive products like templates, trainings, workshops, etc.
    • Have an email list you want to tap into
    • Don't have the time or desire to write your own sales emails

     Here’s what’s included:

    1. 5 completely customizable emails crafted to convert

    2. Multiple subject line options to choose from for each