• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who wants to put sales of their offers on autopilot and sell their courses, programs, and products all year round. 

    What it is:
    An 8-part email sequence that helps you strategically promote and sell your evergreen offers with ease—so you can increase your passive income and decrease your workload.

    Picture this:
    You’ve created an incredible online course or program, live-launched it a few times, and have proof it’s genuinely really freaking good. But you’re tired of live launching and want to move on to creating, promoting, and selling other offers. 

    But you’re not willing to give up the income. You just want to give up the work (if we’re being 100% honest). So what do you do? Turn the offer evergreen. 

    Meaning anyone can buy it and use it at any time. It’s good to go year-round (hence the name “evergreen”).

    Here’s the challenge:
    When you live launch something, time and urgency are to your advantage. It’s an easy sell when the “cart closes at midnight.” Right? 

    But when something is evergreen, making the sale can be a little (or a lot) trickier. You need to convince your people that even though they could technically purchase at any time, opting into your offer now is the right move.

    This fully customizable, 8-part email funnel takes the guesswork out of selling your evergreen offers. No more trying desperately to persuade your email list. No more leaning on sleazy tactics. No more staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor wondering wtf to even say.

    Simply … 

    • Decide how you’d like to start the funnel → Freebie or webinar/masterclass 
    • Fill in your offer’s custom info
    • Copy into your email software
    • Hit send
    • Make sales

    Yes, it really is that easy.

    Here’s why this template is a must for anyone selling evergreen offers:

    • You’ve got a ton of sh*t on your plate already, and if you’re not outsourcing email marketing to a copywriter, it means YOU’VE gotta do it. This template will help you write better emails, that actually sell, in less than half the time.
    • As professional copywriters, the Reveal Studio Co. team knows what works and what doesn’t (because we’ve been doing this for 5+ years). We’ve poured all of those strategies and tactics into this template so you can DIY with a solid foundation.
    • It’s simple to use and implement. And it works. 

    You’ll know this is for you if:

    • You have or are building evergreen offers
    • You have or are building an email list
    • You want to increase your passive income (without increasing your active work)
    • You hate writing sales copy and tbh, aren’t good at it
    • You’re not a copywriter, but you know how important sales copy is

    What's included in your resource:

    1. 8 fully customizable email templates (2 options for email #1)
    2. 3 subject line options for each email
    3. Timing suggestions, so you know when to hit send
    4. My best tips and considerations for each email