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    So you want to sell your digital products, but you're a little overwhelmed by the whole "launch" thing?

    I get it. You spent an exorbitant amount of time making the thing; now you’re expected to… promote it on socials, write a sales page, sell to your email list, support your affiliates, and so much more; you’re starting to wonder why you thought this was a good idea.

    But what if you had someone telling you exactly what to do (and when), handing you professional copy templates, mapping out your social plan, and supporting you with all of your marketing, sales, and copy assets?

    And then you could rinse and repeat for every product launch without spending more money?

    That's exactly what The Digital Seller's Copy Kit does for you, and it includes:

    • A sales & marketing schedule with built-in to-do lists
    • Social media & email content ideas
    • Landing page template
    • Workshop/Masterclass email templates
    • Promo to offer email funnel template
    • Sales page guide & template
    • Short sales page template
    • Waitlist emails template
    • Online course sales sequence
    • Live launch sales sequence
    • Social media copy for your offer launch
    • Affiliate swipe files
    • Sticky note wall ideas
    • Product delivery email template
    • Customizable evergreen email funnel
    • 2 video trainings: Sales pages & neuromarketing
    • So. Much. More.

    It’s like having a copywriter & marketing expert in your back pocket — for this launch, the next one, and the next one.

    Why put it all in one place?

    I’ve helped people make literal millions on their launches. I’ve seen the inside of what makes a launch pop off. I’ve crafted copy that’s persuaded hundreds of people to join a course, mastermind, or purchase a template. 

    And here’s what I know — the people who successfully sell aren’t necessarily smarter; they aren’t even selling something more worthy of buying. Often, all they have that you don’t is a team of experts making sure everything goes to plan.

    But for a lot of us, we don’t have the funds or the time to pay for and assemble that team. But you still deserve another option. You still deserve to know what it feels like to sell something you love and support your lifestyle while doing it.

    This Copy Kit is my way of making that possible for you — and I’ll be cheering loud as hell from the sidelines.