• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who wants to write scroll-stopping, card-swiping ads in minutes.

    What it is:
     Plug-and-play templates with fill-in-the-blank ad copy.

    Picture this:
     You're trying to promote your workshop, resource, or course but the organic marketing isn't cutting it.

    You decide it's finally time to try Instagram and Facebook ads, but you're no ads specialist (and you're definitely not a copywriter). So what do you do?

    Your options — wing it and hope for the best, spend thousands on an ads writer, or use a template created by one.

    If you go the template route, you not only save a ton of time and money, but you have a tool in your toolbox you can use hundreds of times. 

    This ad generator turns you into an ad copywriter in minutes. It's crafted with the same hook, flow, and story we use with our 1:1 clients and is crafted with ease and simplicity in mind.

    Put simply, this template works. And will help guarantee the money you spend on ads isn't for nothing. 

    Here’s why this works/how it will help:

    • It's EASY—you quite literally cannot mess this up
    • We've been writing ads for years now, and we know what works—now you do, too

    You Need This If: 

    • You’re a business owner launching a product, workshop, or service and want to increase awareness of it 
    • You want to promote your business to people who aren’t in your immediate circle
    • You don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to writing ads, but you know they’re important
    • You’re unable to hire a copywriter this time and simply want to try DIY

    What’s Inside Your Resource:

    1. 2 ad templates (so you can choose the flow that’s best for your offer)
    2. Fill-in-the-blank copy for your ad (with hundreds of combinations so you don’t sound like everyone else)
    3. An example ad (to show you what your ad could sound like)

      Ads aren’t going anywhere, and if you’re not harnessing their power, your bank account is probably missing out. This easy-to-use template will change that. 

      “This is so easy to use! I’ve been wanting to get into ads but literally wouldn’t have known where to start. This saved me big time!”
      - Chandler, Business Attorney