• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who uses a free resource as a lead generator or top-of-funnel offer and wants to seamlessly pitch a product or service to everyone who downloads it.

    What it is:
     A 4-part, strategic email sequence that delivers your free resource, primes your audience to purchase your offer, and then seamlessly pitches them on it.

    Picture this:
     You spend all week creating a valuable, high-impact free resource. Tons of people opt-in to receive it, and your email list grows (hell yeah).

    Instead of simply saying, "Yay, the benefit was a larger list." You get to say, "Yay, the benefit was all the sales I made BECAUSE of that free resource and the funnel that followed."

    Here's the thing: A bigger list is great (and will serve you for launches to come). But that free resource should be treated like an offer—with a strategic sales funnel that follows and prompts people to take another step (purchase something).

    This easy-to-customize and easier-to-implement sequence does that for you and can be re-customized and applied to any/all of your free resources.

    TBH, that's working smarter, not harder.

     You need this if you …

    • Have or plan to have free resources
    • Want your free resources also to make you money
    • Don't know what the heck to send your list after your resource

    Here’s what’s included:

    1. 4 completely customizable emails crafted to convert

    2. Multiple subject line options to choose from for each