• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who sells digital products (templates, ebooks, pre-recorded workshops, etc.) and wants to create strategic post-purchase funnels to upsell additional products.

    What it is:
     A 3-part, strategic email sequence that upsells your audience while requesting feedback about their initial purchase.

    Picture this:
     You've worked hard to create various digital products. You're proud of your work, and people regularly purchase them. However, after someone hits "buy," they don't really hear from you again, and you have to start the customer acquisition process all over.

    What if you created strategic upsell funnels for each of your products instead?

    Not only would you make more sales, but you'd also have the opportunity to collect feedback and reviews from your products to use on social media, in email, and on your shop.

    And what if creating those email funnels only took 15 minutes per product?

    Guess what — now it does.

     You need this if you …

    • Sell digital products (more than one)
    • Want to start learning more about funnels and upsells
    • Need a better way of collecting product reviews 

    Here’s what’s included:

    1. 3 completely customizable emails crafted to convert

    2. Multiple subject line options to choose from for each

    3. Direction on when to send