56 Nurture Emails

56 Nurture Emails

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Do you struggle with what to send your email list but know you should be sending something? Or, do you struggle to find the time to come up with ideas but want to engage with your list so they’re not left wondering why they subscribed in the first place? 

 This list of 56 nurture email ideas has you covered for the next year or more. 

 Pro Tip: You can also use these to write IG captions!

Nurture emails are perfect for when you’re not selling or launching something or just want to talk to or engage with your audience and help them feel loved and seen. But the best part? With these 56 nurture emails, you won’t have to constantly come up with ideas—they’re on autopilot. You’ll have prompts to get your wheels turning so there’s no more staring at your screen for hours trying to come up with a subject line. PLUS, content batching has never been easier!

 What’s Inside Your Resource:

  1. 56 ideas with subject line options and prompts for each
  2. Explanations of what to say and why you’re saying it
  3. 4 different topic areas (14 topics each): 
  4. Connection/Vulnerability, Education/Value, Just for Fun/Inspo, Soft Pitch/Business

You Need This If: 

  • You spend hours staring at your screen trying to figure out what to say to your subscribers (or haven't sent them something worth reading in forever)
  • You want to engage, but have no idea what to say
  • You’re not in the middle of a launch, but want your subscribers to still feel loved + seen (and not forget your name)
  • You struggle with content batching because you just don’t have the time

Nurturing your list is crucial for those in-between launch moments. With the 56 Nurture Email Ideas, you’ll never struggle with what to say.

“These are literally perfect and done for you aka going to save me sooooo much time that I would spend overthinking what to say!!” - Kelli, Business Attorney