• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who wants to nurture their email list & social media followers but doesn’t have the time, energy, or bandwidth to continuously come up with topics and ideas for posts. 

    What it is:
    A collection of diverse topics—with prompts and plug-and-play copy—to make consistently nurturing your email list and social following a reality (without losing your sanity). 

    Picture this:
    You’re busy running your business when something reminds you that you haven’t posted on IG or TikTok in a while, much less sent anything worth reading to your email list. Panic sets in. You open a Google Doc, and suddenly, you have nothing to say.

    You know how important it is to continuously add value and connect with your people. But you’ve got a million other things on your to-do list, and honestly, your brain is fried.

    56 Nurture Emails takes this problem and tosses it out the window. 
    With FIFTY-SIX different topic ideas—including prompts, subject lines, and plug-and-play copy—you can batch content for the year (if you wanted to) in a matter of hours.

    This resource is broken up into 4 content pillars:

    1. Connection/Vulnerability — for when you want to connect and be human
    2. Education/Value — for when you want to teach
    3. Inspiration/Just for Fun — for when you want to play hype human
    4. Soft Pitch/All Biz — for when you want to sell
    Take “figure out what to write about” off your plate for an entire year. Simply open the spreadsheet, utilize the prompts and plug-and-play copy, and hit send/post.

    Here’s why this works/how it will help:
    • You don’t have to come up with topics or ideas—that part is done for you. That alone is a massive energy saver.
    • The prompts and plug-and-play copy make actually writing the content feel like a breeze. (And tbh, you’ll sound a whole lot better than you usually do)
    • With this resource, consistency finally becomes a reality. And your followers/subscribers begin to trust you more and look to you as a thought leader/expert. 

    You need this if you …
    • Have or plan on building an email list
    • Have or plan on creating a social media presence
    • Want to continue nurturing your people but don’t have the time to commit to doing the thing
    • Know you can sit down and write emails/posts, but struggle with the whole “what to write” portion of the process

    Here’s what’s included:
    1. 56 ideas with subject line options and prompts for each
    2. Explanations of what to say and why you’re saying it
    3. 4 different topic areas (14 topics each): Connection/Vulnerability, Education/Value, Just for Fun/Inspo, Soft Pitch/Business