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    This resource is for the business owner who values their time, money, talents, and peace and wants a simple, emotion-free way of setting & enforcing boundaries.

    What it is: 26 email and DM scripts for setting and enforcing boundaries.

    Take the emotion and overwhelm out of setting and enforcing business boundaries with clients, contractors, and collaborators.

    Setting boundaries is easy, but enforcing them can be a challenge.

    These customizable email and DM scripts make it simple and stress-free to let a client, contractor, or collaborator know exactly what your boundaries are and what the consequences will be if they’re broken or overstepped. Because a business without boundaries breeds anxiety, overwhelm, and a plethora of problems. But a business with clearly stated and enforced boundaries? Now that’s a recipe for success.

    We’ve identified the most common situations and tricky issues that business owners face and have created multiple (fully customizable) scripts to handle each. Whether you’re dealing with bullsh*t in the DMs or in your inbox, we’ve got a script for that.

    Because when someone is pushing your buttons or crossing a line, emotions run high. And instead of ignoring the issue or responding with an emotionally-charged quick reply, these scripts make it easy to respond in a consistent, professional way while protecting your peace.

    And if you have a team, these scripts make it wildly easy for them to respond for you and your brand—maintaining consistency regardless of who’s replying.

    Set ‘em. Enforce ‘em. Respect ‘em. These scripts make it easy.

    Fully customizable scripts for:


    “Your payment is overdue”
    “Your payment is overdue, and you ignored my last reminder”
    “I don’t offer discounts”
    “Here’s why my calls cost money”
    “I don’t speak for exposure”
    “No, you do not get a refund”
    “Dude, you can’t just ask your bank for a refund or submit a fraudulent chargeback”
    “I don’t owe you free stuff”


    “Your contract is about to expire”
    “Your contract did expire”
    “This goes beyond what you hired me to do”
    “I’m a contractor, not an employee…know the difference”
    “You’re disrespecting my communication boundaries”
    “I think we need to end our relationship”
    “You cannot seriously keep rescheduling”
    “Why do you keep missing deadlines?”
    “How hard is it to do your job?” — for team members, collaborators, and clients


    “Why did you ghost me?”
    “Why did you inquire then never reply?”
    “That’s not a quick question”
    “I was just doing you a favor…”
    “I already told you this”
    “Your emergency is not my priority”


    “We’re not a good fit”
    “Um…stop copying me” (free content)
    “Um…stop copying me” (paid content)

    What’s inside your bundle of scripts:

    • A gentle and spicy version of each (so you can decide just how fiery you want to be)
    • Scripts for clients, collaborators, and contractors (because boundaries are important for every business relationship you maintain)
    • Email and DM scripts (depending on the boundary and need)
    • Subject line options when applicable (because subject lines can be the reason someone opens or ignores an email)
    • Additional suggestions and tips for each scenario

    A Nina The Lawyer x Reveal Studio Co. Collab

    Creating these boundary scripts together was an absolute no-brainer. We’re both strong-minded women who own service-based businesses and believe wholly in the power of boundaries. And if we’re honest, we’ve both dealt with the “I let someone cross my boundary because it was easier than confronting them” hangover (never again).

    And after countless conversations with other business owners in the online space, it became clear to us that a lot of people struggle enforcing boundaries. Setting them is the easy part—but standing your ground and doling out consequences when sh*t hits the fan … that’s where the challenge lives.

    So we fused Kaili’s copywriting skills with Nina’s attorney brain to create polished, lawyer-approved, clear, and confident scripts you’ll WANT to send (and be glad you did).

    Simply pull out your scripts, copy, paste, and hit send. Knowing your reply is 1) 100% warranted, 2) concise, powerful, and professional, 3) approved of by a lawyer (aka, you sound legit).

    The best parts? If you have a team, they can use the scripts too! Ensuring your messaging and replies stay consistent regardless of who’s delivering the message. And the next time a simple legal issue arises (like copycats, a late payment, or scope creep) you can try handling it yourself before contacting a pricey lawyer.

    Simply put—these make it easy to protect your peace and build your business without allowing others to walk on you, feeling like a b*tch when you enforce your contract, or break out in a cold sweat every time you need to have an uncomfortable conversation.

    You’re worth it.
    Your business is worth it.
    Your peace of mind is worth it.

    Kaili and Nina