How are the products delivered? 
After purchasing, you’ll immediately receive a digital download to the email address you used. The download will come as a PDF with links to your product document(s) inside. Most of our products are built on Google Docs or Google Sheets to avoid any formatting issues a PDF would cause.

Why does it prompt me to make a copy?
Each product will ask you to make a copy of the corresponding document. This is to ensure no overlap between customers’ work and to provide you with your own personal copy of the resource. We suggest making two copies: one to use now and one as a clean, untouched version.

What happens if it says the link is broken or gone? 
Sometimes you might receive an error message indicating the link you’re looking for is no longer available. After speaking with the Google tech support team, we were informed this might mean you need to clear your cache or update your browser. If after doing these two things and waiting 24 hours you still don’t have access, please email us at 

I’ve never used a copywriting template. How do they work?
We can’t speak for other copywriting templates, but our templates are incredibly easy to use. If you know how to work Google Drive, you’ll be golden. If you’re wondering how we make our templates customizable, it comes down to two things: Our signature key and the option of multiple brand voices. We’ve done everything we can to ensure our resources are both simple yet unique.

What if I’m not sure which product I need?
Each of our products come with a quick description of who they’re for and why you might need them. If after evaluating these you’re still unsure, please feel free to reach out via email.

Do you offer refunds?
Because our products are immediately delivered and available for download, we do not offer refunds.