• Product Info

    This resource is for business owners who want to create a strong brand and marketing foundation they can build on for years to come.


    What it is: the 6 templates and resources I feel every business owner needs to build a strong foundation and continue to scale down the line.

    Not only will these templates and resources help you find and nurture clients and customers, but they'll also teach you how to strategically and ethically sell to them using emails, social, and more.


    What’s Inside Your Resource:

    1. 56 Nurture Emails
    2. Customizable Welcome Sequence For Coaches and Services Providers
    3. Neuromarketing & Consumer Psychology Guide & Prompts
    4. Testimonials That Convert
    5. Welcome Sequence For Product-Based Businesses
    6. Workflow Emails For Creative Service Providers

    You Need This If: 

    • You use or want to use email to nurture and sell to your audience 
    • You care about your audience even if you’re not selling something 
    • You need more positive, high-converting testimonials to increase trust and sales
    • You want to learn about sales psychology and how to apply it across platforms

    PS: This Kit was created with coaches and service providers in mind, but has been successfully used by all types of business owners.