Nurture Copy Kit For Coaches and Service Providers

Nurture Copy Kit For Coaches and Service Providers

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Just because you aren’t selling something, doesn’t mean you don’t want really great copy, right? Think about it: emails, social, testimonials...they’re all part of the gig.

And who better to handle those projects than you? The person behind the brand. 

This Copy Kit is for the in-between moments—those days and weeks you want to stay in touch without bombarding your audience with launch info. Whether you need to prep your email list with a bomb welcome sequence, continue nurturing them with no-brainer “I’m opening this” emails, or request a testimonial without feeling ~weird~ about it, this Kit has you covered.

What’s Inside Your Resource:

  1. Testimonials That Convert
  2. 56 Nurture Emails
  3. Customizable Welcome Sequence For Coaches and Services Providers

You Need This If: 

  • You have an email list and actually want to use it
  • You care about your audience even if you’re not selling something 
  • You need more positive, high-converting testimonials to increase trust and sales

PS: This Kit was created with coaches and service providers in mind, but has been successfully used by all types of business owners.