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    This resource is for business owners who want to sell more products and services with ease and strategy — but aren't looking to hire a copywriter 1:1.

    The best part? Every template can be repurposed and reused for future launches (so the ROI is honestly endless).


    What it is: A bundle of our bestselling sales-related resources. Whether you're selling a course, template, or group program, we've got what you need to make it successful.

    From your initial sales email to your abandoned cart sequence, these templates are dripping with strategy and intentional sales psychology — helping you reach the right people and say the right thing to get them to excitedly buy what you're selling.

    All while saving you hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars. Smarter, not harder (or whatever the heck the kids are saying these days).


    What’s Inside Your Resource:

    1. Abandoned Cart Email Templates
    2. Customizable Evergreen Email Funnel
    3. Customizable FB & IG Ad Generator
    4. Customizable Sales Sequence For Live Launches
    5. Customizable Sales Sequence For Online Courses
    6. Digital Product Description Templates
    7. Free Resource To Pitch Sequence
    8. Neuromarketing & Consumer Psychology Guide & Prompts
    9. Post-Purchase Upsell Sequence
    10. Sales Page Guide & Template
    11. Stan Store Sales Page Template

    You Need This If: 

    • You sell products or other digital resources
    • You know investing in sales copy is crucial, but you don't have the budget or timeline to hire a copywriter 1:1
    • You want to set yourself up for successful launches in the future (because you'll already have all the necessary resources)