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    50 copy-and-paste subject lines that your email list won’t be able to resist

    50 Irresistible Subject Lines is for the business owner who wants their emails consistently opened and their messages heard.

    It helps you cut through the noise by providing 50 attention-grabbing, psychology-backed subject lines that spark curiosity and get subscribers clicking.

    This free resource includes copy-and-paste examples for product sales, services, free offerings, events, life updates, and CTAs. You can use as-is or tweak to make them your own (but you have full permission to steal them — trust me, you'll want to).

    No more agonizing over subject lines or resorting to boring defaults like "open this." With these ready-to-use subject lines, you can confidently hit send and watch your open rates rise. 

    PS: These are based on 6+ years of writing emails for myself and 250+ copywriting clients (I promise, they work).