• Product Info

    You bought, we listened. This Kit includes our 4 bestselling resources (by a longshot) so you can get a taste of what Reveal is all about.

    Whether you need to sell, nurture, or up your marketing—there’s a little bit of everything inside this spicy, go-to kit. And if we’re being honest, we 100% understand why our customers couldn’t keep their hands off these. We use every single one ourselves (you’ve got great taste).

    What’s Inside Your Resource:

    1. Free Resource to Pitch Sequence
    2. Customizable Welcome Sequence For Coaches and Service Providers
    3. Neuromarketing & Consumer Psychology Guide & Prompts
    4. Sales Page Guide and Template

    You Need This If: 

    • You’re new to copywriting resources and want to see what they’re all about
    • You’ve got a few different needs but want to cover them all 
    • You trust other people’s opinions, and if something sells out, you’re here for it