• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who sells digital products but cannot be bothered to write compelling, high-converting product descriptions (but knows they need them).

    What it is: Two fully customizable templates (one short, one long), an example description using the template, and additional tips and tricks to write enticing descriptions for your newest products.

    Picture this: You’ve just created a new digital product (template, guide, ebook), and you’re anxious to get it up and selling. However, when you go to write the product description, your mind goes blank.

    Everything you write sounds silly or just doesn’t do your product justice. You hit “publish” anyway, and just as you suspected, no one buys.

    What if, instead, you had an easy-to-use, dripping-in-strategy template that made whipping up high-converting and on-brand product descriptions a breeze? Now, whenever you create something new, you can hit “publish” with confidence—knowing your descriptions don’t just sound good, they’ll convert. 

    Here’s why this works/how it will help:

    • You’re getting two separate fill-in-the-blank templates that work for any product 
    • But you’re not just getting templates, you’re getting prompts & fill-in-the-blank copy to make filling out the templates incredibly quick & easy 
    • Plus, you’re getting an example description that used the templates so you can see it in action


    You need this if you …

    • Sell digital products
    • Want to sell more of them 
    • Despise writing product descriptions

    Here’s what’s included:

    1. Two different templates (long and short versions)
    2. Prompts & fill-in-the-blank copy for each section 
    3. An example description 
    4. Additional tips & tricks

    “Using this resource from Kaili was quite literally one of the most empowering experiences that brought with it some insider knowledge that felt illegal to know (in the best way). I feel confident in selling my products and laying out my sales page in a way that uses strategy and epic copywriting effectively and excitedly showcases my products. Honestly, with everything this queen launches, I would give one million stars, but this one is definitely up there as one of the best!” — Claire, Brand & Web Designer