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    An explanation of the what, why, and how of the top 3 email funnels business owners need (welcome, live launch, and evergreen)

    Email marketing is a must for any online business owner looking to build lasting relationships and community. But figuring out which types of email sequences you need (and what the heck to put in them) can feel overwhelming.

    This comprehensive guide breaks it all down into three must-have funnels:

    1. The Welcome Sequence for instantly connecting with new subscribers
    2. The Live Launch Funnel for promoting time-sensitive offers
    3. The Evergreen Funnel for consistent sales year-round

    Rather than weighing you down with dense theories, it cuts straight to the practical elements. Clear explanations of each funnel's purpose, number of emails needed, and exactly what content belongs where.

    No second-guessing if you're utilizing the right strategies or missing crucial pieces. These are the proven formulas for email sequences that inspire engagement and sales.

    From can't-miss components like compelling stories and social proof to creating urgency and desire...it's all spelled out in an easy-to-follow way.

    With the confidence of knowing you have the essential funnels mapped out, you can publish emails that genuinely connect with your audience and guide them through a seamless buyer's journey.

    Stop sending aimless emails into the void. This guide equips you with a strategic, streamlined approach to email marketing that drives consistent connection and sales.