• Product Info

    This resource is for the business owner who is selling a course, group program, template, or another type of passive product and needs a high-converting sales page for it.

    What it is:
    A complete guide and fully customizable template for writing on-brand, high-converting sales pages utilizing a proven format and flow. 

    Picture this:
    You have an offer you’re ready to launch. You KNOW it’s amazing, and people will absolutely love it. However, when it comes time to write your sales page, your mind goes blank. 

    You start spiraling. Wondering what the heck to even write on the page. You spend hours crafting a draft only to read it and realize, “This honestly sucks. I’d be embarrassed to send people this link.”

    And here’s the thing—you’re not alone. Sales copy holds a lot of people back from promoting and marketing their offers. Not only does it take a ton of time to write a compelling sales page from scratch, but you have to know what you’re doing—you have to understand the psychology behind selling. And then you have to pair that with top-tier writing skills (a big ask if you’re not a copywriter).

    Not anymore.

    This fully customizable template, with a complementary guide and additional tips & tricks, makes writing a high-converting sales page in an afternoon a reality (even for non-writers). Instead of staring at a blank screen, you’ll fill in some blanks, use some prompts, add in the additional copy, follow the flow, and have a completed sales page in no time. 

    The guide…

    • Walks you through Reveal Studio Co.’s signature sales page flow and format
    • Gives you our expert tips & tricks
    • Offers advice on compelling CTAs 
    • Makes gathering all of the necessary information a breeze

    While the template…

    • Offers prompts and fill-in-the-blank copy to get your creative wheels turning and limit the amount of time it takes to come up with juicy, irresistible sales copy
    • Pieces it all together for effortless implementation

    Here’s why this template is a must for anyone selling digital products, online courses, masterminds, or group programs:

    • Thanks to the included guide, you’re not just writing a sales page—you’re learning how to write really good sales copy, and you can use those skills for years to come.
    • You can quite literally use this template again & again—so instead of hiring a copywriter each time you create a new offer, you can do it yourself (getting better each time).
    • If we’re honest, the biggest benefit is the immense amount of time and money this saves you—hiring copywriters can be expensive, and waiting to get on their schedule can take weeks (sometimes months). Now, you never have to wait.

    You’ll know this is for you if:

    • You sell (or plan to sell) online courses, digital products, masterminds, or group programs
    • You’re not a copywriter and don’t love writing sales pages
    • You know you need a killer sales page but you don’t have the time, energy, or talent to write your own

    What's included in your resource:

    • A complete guide to writing your sales page
    • Expert tips and tricks
    • A guide to writing high-converting CTAs plus 10 of our favorites
    • Prompts and plug-and-play options for each section of the sales page
    • A full sales page template
    • Additional (optional) sections you can add
    • An example sales page utilizing the provided template

    “Your sales page generator is the best resource ever. I’m obsessed. It made things so much easier!”
    - Business Mentor