Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Page Generator

Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Page Generator

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Writing high-converting, on-brand sales copy is not everyone’s forte. I mean, you already have the obsess-worthy, value-driven product—but figuring out how to promote it? Forget about it. Oh, and honorable mention goes to the amount of time it takes to write a strategic, successful sales page. *hands start to sweat*

But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You know your product is going to change lives, but figuring out how to put that into words is like learning a new language. THIS is where the Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Page Generator comes in handy.

This simple fill-in-the-blank template uses psychological sales techniques to help you create the sales page of your dreams. All you gotta do is fill in the blanks, copy & paste, and BOOM, watch conversions start happening on their own. 

What’s Inside Your Resource:

  1. Power-packed tagline to generate immediate interest
  2. Short and sweet product intro leaving the reader dying to know more
  3. YES questions to get inside the consumer’s head; making them feel seen, valued, and heard
  4. Imagine If statements to paint an image of what lies ahead for everyone who says yes to your offer

BONUS: CTA guide for creating on-brand, no-brainer calls-to-action the reader will click every time

A strategic flow + format that works every time 

You Need This If: 

  • You’re launching a product or service and need a way to get the message out
  • You don’t have time to dedicate to writing an entire sales page but still want one that’s effective + on-brand
  • You waited a little too long to hire a copywriter or maybe it’s not in your budget
  • You want a proven sales page strategy that works

You’ve got the product or service, now you just need the words to tell your audience about its insane value. The Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Page Generator will be your new launch BFF (for this launch, and every launch to come).

“Your sales page generator is the best resource ever. I’m obsessed. It made things so much easier!” - Business Mentor