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    This masterclass is for the business owner who wants to understand sales at its most foundational level and start being more strategic and intentional around the sales strategies they use.

    What it is:
     A 30-minute masterclass covering 7 of the most potent and research-backed neuromarketing sales strategies. 

    A science-first approach to sales is key to sustainable and effective strategies.
     Here's what most sales experts won't let you in on: Sales is a science (and an art, of course). Meaning, there are researchers who dedicate their entire lives to understanding how and why consumers buy, choose brands, and make purchasing decisions. 

    We don't have to guess about what works or "throw spaghetti at the wall." We KNOW.

    Instead of making you figure it out for yourself, this masterclass covers 7 of those strategies—what they are, why they work, and how you can start using them in your own business.

    Because when you understand what makes a consumer swipe their credit card, you can stop playing the guessing game and start making more sales.

    Here’s what makes this masterclass special:

    • Even though we're covering 7 different strategies, everything is broken down into easy-to-understand language (because sometimes science is too science-y and we won't do that here).
    • It's quick! In just 30 short minutes, you'll learn the basics of what's taught in an entire semester of sales psychology.
    • Examples are key! Not only are you learning the strategy, but you're being shown how & why it works with helpful examples to expand your learning. 

    You need this if you …

    • Feel resistance around sales — you're never sure what to say and honestly feel icky selling to people 
    • Want to be a better salesperson for your business — you recognize your gaps and are here to fill them 
    • Want more consistent sales and recognize that whatever you're doing right now isn't cutting it — so you're here to learn what you don't know
    • Love research and learning (i.e., are a nerd like me)