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    Crucial considerations and questions to answer before writing your web copy

    This free resource is for the business owner determined to finally have a website that connects, compels, and sells.

    You know those websites that instantly make you go "damn, I need whatever they're selling"? The ones with web copy so compelling, you can't help but keep reading?

    This free resource will equip you with a strategic game plan for crafting website words with that same "shut up and take my money" effect.

    It provides a rundown of the top considerations and questions to ponder before writing the holy trifecta of web pages: home, about, and services.

    Rather than rehashing tired "write about your ideal client's pain points" tips, these questions zero in on the real meat - how to position yourself as the obvious solution, build immediate know-like-trust, and compel visitors to take action.

    No fluff or filler, just 30 thought-provoking prompts that will power you up with a powerful game plan for web copy that connects and converts.

    Use it as a pre-writing exercise to clarify your brand's message. Hand it to your copywriter as a jumpstart guide. Or refer back whenever your website needs a punch of personality.

    This is your chance to ditch the generic, "sounds like everyone else" website and finally have copy that does your business justice.