Workflow Emails For Creative Service Providers

Workflow Emails For Creative Service Providers

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As a creative service provider, you do more than design, write, or strategize—you take your clients through an intricate process that involves strategy, planning, research, revisions, and so much more. 

How you lead and communicate throughout this process is what determines the level of client experience you provide. An efficient, seamless experience can not only set your clients at ease and earn you a much-deserved positive review, but it can also help keep you organized and on track as you tackle multiple projects at once.

This fully-customizable workflow email template makes crafting a top-tier client experience easy and fun. And because it’s totally customizable, you can tailor it to fit your process and the individual needs of your clients.

Simply choose the emails that work with your process, customize them with your voice and information, and add them to your CRM or workflow management system. Yes, it really is that easy.

What’s Inside Your Resource:

  • Instructions for use with additional notes and tips for each email
  • 21 fully customizable workflow email templates:
  1. Automatic Response To Inquiry
  2. Response To Inquiry When Dates or Budget Align
  3. Response To Inquiry When Dates or Budget Don’t Align
  4. Initial Call Booked
  5. Post-Call Information and Next Steps
  6. Custom Proposal, Contract, and Invoice Send
  7. Proposal Send (when sending separately)
  8. Contract Send (when sending separately)
  9. Initial Invoice Send (when sending separately)
  10. Next Steps/First Steps For The Project
  11. Initial Questionnaire
  12. Second Questionnaire
  13. Homework Instructions and Request
  14. Schedule Strategy Call
  15. Outline or Wireframe
  16. Draft 1 and Request For Revisions
  17. Draft 2 and Schedule Final Call
  18. After Final Review Call
  19. Last Steps
  20. Request For Testimonial and How To Continue Working Together
  21. Follow-Up Request

You Need This If: 

  • You’re a designer, copywriter, photographer, or another creative service provider
  • You’re building out workflows in Dubsado, Honeybook, or another CRM
  • You utilize email to communicate with clients
  • You want a clean, effortless client workflow that provides a 5-star experience 

“Using this template gave me a sense of control and understanding over the way I can communicate with my clients in an efficient and professional manner. I didn't have to worry about things being sent out of order or sending something confusing to a client. When I used this template, it was far easier to see the bigger picture and what the end goal is when communicating with a client.” — Brand Designer

“The Workflow Emails For Creative Service Providers is really helpful for service providers that need a seamless client experience without the hassle of workshopping it.” — Copywriter