Testimonials That Convert

Testimonials That Convert

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Pre-written prompts and questions to send clients for better, higher-converting testimonials and reviews.

Picture this: You just wrapped up a project, and it's time to request feedback and a testimonial from your client.

You send them over your feedback form, and when they fill it out, all you see are sentences like, "She was great!" or "Loved working with her!"

While it's nice to hear these things, you realize sharing them on your website and socials won't be very convincing. You want reviews that speak to your expertise, the experience you provide, and your results. 

You're not sure what you're doing wrong. You know your client loved your work and you did an incredible job. So what gives?

The truth? You're asking the wrong questions. This template with pre-written prompts, questions, and emails will help you ask the questions that tell the full story. So that when you share your testimonials, potential clients can't help but click, "book now".

Here’s why this works/how it will help:

  • The questions are written for you (after being tested on hundreds of clients)—all you have to do is hit send
  • A lot of clients will forget to fill out your feedback form because they get busy doing other things—the included email templates will help you gently nudge them and get the reviews you're looking for (without feeling pushy)

You need this if you …

  • Work with clients as a service provider or coach
  • Want better testimonials and reviews to share on your site and socials
  • Hear crickets whenever you request feedback
  • Don't know how to get the feedback you're looking for even though you're doing an incredible job

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Pre-written email template to use when initially reaching out for feedback
  2. Pre-written email template to use when following up (aka—when you hear crickets)
  3. Tested and proven questions that result in powerful, impactful testimonials
  4. Prompts & fill-in-the-blanks for when your client just isn’t quite giving you what you need

Thoughts from a real user:

"Just popping in to say I sent over my first testimonial form using the form + email template, and the client sent it back within an hour and completed ALL three questions + three prompts included!! I'm stoked because having the social proof is amazing, but it actually gave me so much validation because I've never formally heard this type of feedback before! I can't wait to send it to other clients!"